Woven Pieces Available For Purchase

Tartan Heirloom Blanket
Heirloom Baby Blankets
Natural Indigo large shawl
Indigo and Black Weave
Natural quebracho dyed weave
Black Textured Shawl
Swedish Pattern Kimono
Black, White and Indigo Weave
Pink and Black Weave
Toffee Quebracho Weave
Loose Weave Shawl

A Selection of hand woven natural dyed works available for purchase. Please contact Rachel Long for more information regarding details of the work, shipping and payment, just head to the contact page.

copyright 2016 The Livelihood Studio

Black Textured Shawl

Yarns used in this weave are possum merino, lambswool and cotton. Beautiful textured weave with a mint cotton panel. This piece is 180cm in length by 39cm width. NZD $300